Sony A7R II Review Conclusion

Sony A7R II Extensive Real World Review – Best Camera In The World?

Join me on the awesome journey that is this review of the A7R II. I had a blast reviewing it and I hope that this series of articles can be of any help to you.

This review is divided into multiple categories which are as follows:

01 – Introduction And Unboxing
02 – Build And Handling
03 – Menu
04 – SteadyShot or IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization)
05 – Image Quality, Image Related Specs, RAW Download
06 – Auto Focus
07 – ISO Performance
08 – Shooting Experience
09 – Burst Speed and Buffer Test
10 – Video
11 – Battery Life
12 – Image Samples
– Addendum 01 – Hot Pixels In Long Exposure Issue
– Addendum 02 – Canon Lenses on A7R II Round Up With Videos And Image Samples
– Addendum 03 – Sony A7R II Memory Recalls Gone – Issue?
– Addendum 04 – How To Backup Or Copy Your Memory Recall Presets On A Sony a7R II
– Addendum 05 – 219 Megapixel Panorama Shot With The Sony A7R II
– Addendum 06 – A7(R) vs A7R II Level Difference
13 – Conclusion

If you wish to find out if this could be the best camera in the world then I suggest you begin right here. Have fun. 🙂

You have read it all and you ready to buy one?
You can get one here or here. I suggest buying this SD card, especially when also doing video. 4K is huge in file size as you can see here.






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