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Luxembourg based artist Yenn has been producing electronic music for dance floors and movies since 1998, and has worked with many artists in the genre like Zedd and many others from the endless sea of name dropping. He’s a nice guy apparently, producing awesome tracks, but never really making it in the scene, wondering why in a depressing manner. He met Deadmau5 one day and started casually talking to him, when suddenly a big jealous douche came by and ruined it all. That moment was definitely gone. Then one night on skype Zedd and Yenn made a pact that if one of them would make it in the scene, he would pull the other one up. One of them obviously forgot to – oh well, whatever.

The coolest thing Yenn has ever achieved would be his track Monzen which has been loved and played by almost every big DJ in the world. From Tiesto to Above and Beyond and Carl Cox, he’s been lucky enough to having his tracks being played in the biggest venues of this galaxy (or planet, if you prefer that scope). The Nocturnal festival in the US took Monzen (without asking of course, but that was no problem whatsoever) as the starting track of their official clip on Youtube which now has about 400k views. The turning point of his career was when all the money came in from Monzen. Yenn has until this day earned 100 USD off that track and is now considered 100 dollars richer than before. All that in 5 years, making it 1.67 dollars a month. He spent it all on the occasional bread and tap water for his family.

One day, some label manager contacted him to remix a track of Matt Darey for a release on one of Armin Van Buuren’s sub labels called Arva. Yenn being very happy and honored asked about the conditions of this deal. And oh, as so often, he maybe shouldn’t have asked. Of course all these days and weeks of remixing work should be paid in…nothing. What made him feel special though, is that they also asked 20 other remixers on that track.

Another big achievement would be the movie music production. A french movie creation company wanted to get some funding in the Luxembourg movie scene. To get that (huge) funding you have to ask a certain percentage of people from Luxembourg to work on the movie, or you won’t get it. And what a coincidence, in this tiny country where there’s not that many eletronic music composers, they (among a few others) chose Yenn to produce the tracks that would happen in the club sequences and even some lounge tracks for the restaurant sequences. Of course Yenn was very proud of himself being one of the chosen ones, until he found out about the funding. Bragging rights gone in a flash.

On a serious and less cynical note:
Even if the achievements seem small, he knows that many artists would love to have achieved just that. He’s still making and creating stuff for the sheer love of it and has already affected hundreds if not thousands of lives with his music (as stated by fans, brag).

BUT it wouldn’t be Yenn if he’d be happy with only the “small” things happening in his life and career. He’s still aiming up and high, setting the bar on new levels with every step he takes.

Thank you for the fans that are still sticking around and thanks to the ones still reading my bios written in third frickin’ person.


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