Sony A7R II Shooting Experience

A7R II Review – 08 – Shooting Experience

The shooting experience has gotten better with each A7 camera, especially since the introduction of the new bodies and better grips. The added weight and the magnesium alloy body feel way more “pro” now. The sturdiness of the mount itself is a welcome addition. The start-up time has improved and also adds a little more joy to the overall shooting experience. The shutter sound could only have improved…and it did. It never bothered me though (I had the A7 not the A7r), but a little less noise with each shot is great of course.

The best change for me is the the body itself, with the new shutter layout. It feels just right and I feel like that’s how a cam is meant to be held and used.

The EVF is of course very practical. It has about 50 advantages over seeing through the lens in a DSLR. But it still doesn’t feel the same.  I find myself shooting more and more on the back screen except for fast action (which is now finally easily doable on the A7RII). If you want the EVF to be less pixelated and to show less aliasing then turn the Display Quality in the menu to High. (Last Tab, Menu 2). I thought that option would only change the main screen, but as pointed out by Colby Brown and after reading the manual, it also changes the quality of the EVF.

When you are shooting and you press the display button a few times, several options show up. One of them is an integrated level. What’s new now is that, by default, the level is shown including what you’re seeing just behind it. You had to tweak a few menu options on previous A series models first to get that.

New level - You can see what you are shooting - A7R II

“See through” option.

Old level - You cannot see what you are shooting - A7

“Seetings view” option with level included.

The new dials need some getting used to. I must say that I really liked the old ones and I kinda miss them. Let’s see how I feel about them after having used the camera extensively.

The proximity sensor on the EVF is AWEFUL. I had my screen almost flickering to black and back all the time while shooting. The sensibility of the mechanism that turns off the screen to turn on the EVF is way to high. It’s even higher than on other a7’s. It’s hilariously annoying and I hope that it’s going to be fixed in a firmware update. Sony…you surely read my blog, right? 🙂

There is a button you have to press to turn the mode dial. Well sadly that one cannot be fixed with a firmware upgrade. Why would you put that on a button that is already tightly and sturdily mounted?

All in all I love shooting with Sony’s new precious. It has almost no flaws. It’s got a full frame high efficiency and high resolution sensor with a lot of tech in it, like IS, the latest auto focus system and finally a higher burst rate (while still focusing in-between frames – unlike the older A7’s). Sony only needs to bring out some telephotos and we’re almost good to go in the sports and wildlife world. For me it will suffice more than enough, but I know that it’s not enough for professional sports shooters who really need that one fast sports keeper to earn their money.







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