Sony A7R II Conclusion

A7R II Review – 13 – Conclusion

I have already said goodbye to DSLRs a few years back when the A7 system had been released. I could easily live with the few drawbacks (slow bursts and AF) as long as I didn’t have to live with the enormous bulk and weight these gigantic mirrorfull cameras have. But there weren’t only drawbacks. I had a smaller camera, less, bulk, less weight, smaller lenses, better lenses, better DR, better resolution, better video capabilities, better dials etc. etc.

But now the latest Sony camera is just mind blowing and outrageously awesome. I don’t see any camera on the market coming even close to this one. I am talking about overall traits. The only one coming close in certain aspects is the D810. But even then you’d need to put canon lenses on it. Canon has very good lenses (that you can even use on your A7R II with an adapter). Other brands should finally start to up their game as it’s getting seriously ridiculous.

– Resolution
– Dynamic Range
– Image quality
– 4K
– 25p 100M
– S-Log 2
– High end EVF
– No optical low pass filter
– Eye-AF
– Small
– Good grip
– Pro body
– Well-positioned shutter button
– Exposure compensation dial
– Light-weight
– Silent Shotting mode
– Full frame
– Use the level finally while seeing what you shoot
– 2 batteries
– 5 fps while AF-C
– Lock-on AF

– Still no interval between brackets
– Eye-AF toggle would be great (you would toggle it on, it would stay on, then the normal half press shutter button would track the eye)
– Battery life (They don’t have a very high capacity but are light. The camera comes with 2 batteries and you can always buy more).
– Not everything is silent after enabling Silent Shooting. AF will still beep pretty loudly in a quite church, when shooting a wedding for instance. (It won’t beep in AF-C). So remember to turn that off, too.
– Still no internal memory (of let’s say 4GB) in 2015

– Price (2500 EUR would have felt right instead of 3500)
– No picture rating/give stars button or flagging
– Proximity sensor sensibility still too high (options to change sensibility would be great)
– Screen not tilting in every direction like on the A77 II
Long Exposure Issue
– Shoulder strap sucks for 3500 EUR
– Installing apps still a horrible experience
– Button to press to turn an already sturdy mode dial
– Could be more lenses on the long end (they are incoming, though)

As written in my Shooting Experience:
All in all I love shooting with Sony’s new precious.
It has almost no flaws. It’s got a full frame high efficiency and high resolution sensor with a lot of tech in it, like IS, the latest auto focus system and finally a higher burst rate (while still focusing in-between frames – unlike the older A7’s. They did focus in-between but not at the higher fps). Sony only needs to bring out some telephotos and we’re almost good to go in the sports and wildlife world. For me it will suffice more than enough, but I know that it’s not enough for professional sports shooters who really need that one fast sports keeper to earn their money.

Even though I had to get a frickin’ loan to pay it over a year, I have really fallen in love with this camera.

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