Cover Art - e-Lake Anthem 2017 - Yenn - Colors

Pre-Order “Colors”

You can now pre-order “Colors” on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Beatport, Traxsource and Trackitdown! Release date is July 6th (which happens to be Yenn’s birthday). Colors is the first revealed single out of Yenn‘s upcoming studio album. It has been chosen as the official e-Lake festival anthem of the year 2017 and comes in typical
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Yenn - Colors on Soundcloud

Listen To “Colors” on Soundcloud

You can already listen to Colors using the embedded Soundcloud window below. I have also added a new hint, narrowing down the release window, in the description here. And I’ll give you one more hint right here: It’s in less than a month. Enjoy !

New Album Progress Bar

New Album Project

I have decided to create my 2nd studio album. It’s going to be a lot of work, and hopefully, life will stay the heck out of this one. Even though my life currently consists of a tiring every day 9 to 5 grind and taking care of my family, I still want to do this! Music is
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Yenn – Forever Dawn Is Out Now

Imagine a summer night’s party reaching dawn, but actually never ending. The first sun rays touching your skin while you’re dancing to your favorite tune (which should be this one, of course). The official *not to miss* e-Lake festival anthem is out now and marks day 100 of the countdown to the actual festival. Count down
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Yenn & Jay Jacob – Let Go Of The Past – Official e-Lake Anthem 2014 – Open Source Music

NOT A BIG FAN OF READING? DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST! It’s been a while since I’ve produced a track and here I am, back with something pretty exciting!I have produced this year’s official e-Lake anthem and Jay Jacob was kind (and awesome) enough to write and sing the lyrics on it. I’d
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