Even empty, the bag stays put. It is perfectly balanced and does NOT fall to the ground with a Sony A7R II and the 16-35 attached to it.

Everyday Messenger Bag – Quick Review And Pics

“Oh my god, that quality” was what I said out loud when I touched Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger Bag for the first time. Well, I didn’t say it in English as you might have guessed…but I said it. I have backed the joint project between Peak Design and Trey Ratcliff on Kickstarter and ordered the “The
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Awesome RAW vs JPG Diagram

The Awesome RAW vs JPG Diagram – The When, What, Why Of RAW And JPG Shooting

After having found out with a shock, after countless discussions with professional photographers, that even they had no clue what shooting RAW really means, I thought I should write an article about it. While writing my article I’ve coincidentally seen many RAW/JPEG posts pop up on some social media platforms, as if the universe was up to
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Yannick's Travel Journal - Photos Around The World

Travel Journal – 001 – Portugal – Ponte de Lima and Surroundings

Welcome to my first travel journal entry fellow readers! It will be mostly about the pictures and not too much about reading millions of words about what I have learned there. Just easily digestible articles about some essential info. I’ll be trying to find the perfect balance between a perfectly scrollable picture story where you
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Doorkijkkerk - © Yannick Ciancanelli

How To Get To The “Reading BetweenThe Lines” Transparent Church In Borgloon – Belgium

After having seen an article online about this piece of art called Doorkijkkerk (which is made out of 30 tons of steel and 2000 columns) I had to go visit it as soon as I could. I took my family and my favorite camera and went there after a one week vacation in Belgium (Europe). When we got
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