Sony A7R II Battery Life

A7R II Review – 11 – Battery Life

Battery life is a very important aspect of a camera and it is a very hard thing to review. There are many factors affecting battery drainage but what I can already tell you, if you would happen to know the first A7 models, that it hasn’t gotten much better. For better or for worse, it
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Sony A7R II Video Capabilities - 4K

A7R II Review – 10 – Video

The A7R II should please video enthusiasts and professionals in many ways. 4K, S-Log 2, the bumped up ISO performance, SteadyShot and many more things make this camera a very viable option for videographers.   RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FULL FRAME, FULL FRAME 16:9 AND SUPER 35 FORMATS SUPER 35 EQUIVALENCE TO FF 35MM According to my rough calculations the
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Sony A7R II Burst Speed And Buffer Test

A7R II Review – 09 – Burst Speed And Buffer Test

Here’s a video with a buffer test at full burst speed at different image format options, using this SD card. Check out the video to see how the buffer behaves in these different circumstances. 1. RAW + JPG – 24 shots, then the buffer is full. – 5 seconds elapsed. – Then shoots slowly as
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Sony A7R II Shooting Experience

A7R II Review – 08 – Shooting Experience

The shooting experience has gotten better with each A7 camera, especially since the introduction of the new bodies and better grips. The added weight and the magnesium alloy body feel way more “pro” now. The sturdiness of the mount itself is a welcome addition. The start-up time has improved and also adds a little more
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Sonz A7R II ISO 100 to 102400

A7R II Review – 07 – ISO Performance

Here is an ISO performance test with the A7R II. I have shot everything in RAW and exported the files as JPG without altering them in any way. They have been shot from ISO 100 to 102400 using the Sony/Zeiss 55mm 1.8 at f13. The ISO performance is as always at Sony’s high standards. You still have
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A7R II Auto Focus

A7R II Review – 06 – Auto Focus

The first A7 iterations didn’t have the best auto focus one could imagine. Especially after using the 5D III I found that the auto focus system wasn’t the best performer. But I gotta say that in most cases, everything went just fine. Even when tracking my running son towards me, I often had some keepers.
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Sony A7R II Image Quality - Sensor Exposed

A7R II Review – 05 – Image Quality, Image Related Specs, RAW Download

Sony’s high resolution sensor does not fail to impress. Its efficiency in combination with the alias filter being negated result in a very high standard image quality. The files are full of detail. I, for instance, have never witnessed as much detail and sharpness in a picture. I feel like I could print images as large
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SteadyShot - IBIS - 5 axis - In Body Image Stabilization on the Sony A7R II

A7R II Review – 04 – SteadyShot or IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization)

One of the big feats of the new A7 line of cameras is SteadyShot. SteadyShot keeps your sensor stable while you take your picture with a shaky hand. It can be useful for video but also for stills, as you can (for subjects that do not move) shoot at very slow shutter speeds. This can prove useful
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a7 mark two menu button - © Yannick Ciancanelli

A7R II Review – 03 – Menu

Sony’s high end cameras all have a menu, which I find very good, clear and simple to use. These menus are not to be mixed up with the lower end cameras, which have other menus that many don’t find very practical. Here’s what you should know about the following settings: Tab 1, Menu 1 Quality
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