a7r m2 grip handling - Yannick Ciancanelli

A7R II Review – 02 – Build And Handling

The A7R II definitely feels like a high-end camera. It is robust and sturdy. Nothing is rattling (except the good old strap holders, of course). The larger grip and the lightly heavier weight causes the overall feeling and handling to be more balanced than with previous A7/R iterations. It can especially make use of that
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Sony A7R II Extensive Real World Review

A7R II Review – 01 – Introduction and Unboxing

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I finally got it. Sadly with a 10 days delay, but I am now finally a proud and lucky owner of the best camera in the world. I had already written an introduction where I found myself justifying the fact that I called it the best camera in the world. Something
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Ultimate Exposure Metering Cheat Sheet

The Awesome Exposure Cheat Sheet

It can be overwhelming to use your camera in manual mode. Even with an exposure triangle I tend to see people struggling with understanding the basics of photographic exposure. This simple and effective cheat sheet will help you grasp exposing your image a little more efficiently. Feel free to download the picture to your phone and
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Yannick Ciancanelli - Published in Diffmag

Made The Front Cover Of Diffmag

The municipality of Differdange in Luxembourg held a photo contest a few months ago. The goal was to post a picture in portrait DIN A4 format around the “fall” (autumn) theme. I had only one picture that met both factors (except if I would have cropped one of course), so I sent it in on
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Yannick Ciancanelli - Les Lacs de Remerschen - Haff Réimech - Réserve Naturelle - Natural Reserve

Haff Réimech – The Natural Reserve (Les Lacs de Remerschen)

This is where wildlife photographers lay low and are quiet, camouflaged, waiting for their prey to make the right move. This is where families take wonderful excursions discovering wonderful and peaceful places. This is where some of us go alone, to walk, think and relax. This is right here and it is awesome. If you haven’t been there
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Mitakon 50mm 0.95 VS Zeiss 55mm 1.8 – on a Sony A7

If you’re in for a 50mm lens for your full frame E-mount then there’s not many (adapter-less) choices you can make. At the moment it’s either the manual focus 50mm Mitakon or the autofocus 55mm Zeiss you can grab, which is…just sayin’…the best auto focus lens ever, says DxOmark. So, how do they compare?  
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Which Camera Should I get? Mirrorless VS DSLR (SLT) – Full Frame VS APS-C – Everything Else VS Your Budget

I want to make this guide as complete as possible. If I did a mistake or forgot something (or if you have any other suggestion) then please leave a comment below and I will include it! Before starting this post, and as I explain on the bottom of the article, try as good as you
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The Gear I’m Using

I have added a new page to the Photography menu in the upper navigation bar. If you’re curious about what gear I use to create my pictures, then feel free to have a look! And as always, drop a comment below if you got any questions, feedback or suggestions. See you on the My Gear
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Meeting Tony and Chelsea In Luxembourg

I was very lucky to meet Tony and Chelsea Northrup in Luxembourg last Saturday. They were on a 2 week trip in Europe to visit several cities like Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. Their final destination was….badaboom-tshing. Luxembourg City! I was very nervous to meet them because: – English is not my first language and I never
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