Awesome RAW vs JPG Diagram

The Awesome RAW vs JPG Diagram – The When, What, Why Of RAW And JPG Shooting

After having found out with a shock, after countless discussions with professional photographers, that even they had no clue what shooting RAW really means, I thought I should write an article about it. While writing my article I’ve coincidentally seen many RAW/JPEG posts pop up on some social media platforms, as if the universe was up to
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Use peaking to check your depth of field - from front to back

How To Quickly Check Your Depth Of Field With An A7R II (And Other A7 Cameras)

So, you are used to make calculations about your depth of field when making landscapes? Or maybe you use an app on your smartphone? Sometimes it gets a little tricky when you absolutely wish to use your lens’ sweet spot or for some reason, the biggest aperture possible. You would then need to focus at
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preset backup memory recall mr1 m1 m4

How To Backup Or Copy Your Memory Recall Presets On A Sony a7R II

After finding out that the presets, called Memory Recall, are not very safe in Sony’s latest flagship I found a simple way to back them up (or to copy them to another device, (of the same model)). Also, thanks Colby Brown for your suggestion in the Sony Alpha Camera Talk Facebook group. HOW TO: It is very
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Ultimate Exposure Metering Cheat Sheet

The Awesome Exposure Cheat Sheet

It can be overwhelming to use your camera in manual mode. Even with an exposure triangle I tend to see people struggling with understanding the basics of photographic exposure. This simple and effective cheat sheet will help you grasp exposing your image a little more efficiently. Feel free to download the picture to your phone and
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Which Camera Should I get? Mirrorless VS DSLR (SLT) – Full Frame VS APS-C – Everything Else VS Your Budget

I want to make this guide as complete as possible. If I did a mistake or forgot something (or if you have any other suggestion) then please leave a comment below and I will include it! Before starting this post, and as I explain on the bottom of the article, try as good as you
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