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I have decided to create my 2nd studio album. It’s going to be a lot of work, and hopefully, life will stay the heck out of this one.
Even though my life currently consists of a tiring every day 9 to 5 grind and taking care of my family, I still want to do this! Music is calling me and my heart cries out for it. I know that I will endure some kind of freaking burn out in the process and surely some kind of post album depression and whatnot, but as I said, I have to do it anyway.
I am starting this now, and hopefully I can manage. It would be awesome!
And…I have time. Meaning, there is no deadline.

To those getting into this journey with me now, thanks for having read so far (I know that humanity’s attention span has significantly decreased^^) and thanks for hopping on board this roller coaster of a project! 🙂
It has been way too long. Time to touch people’s lives (as Tim Cook would say) with my music again.

(Copied the text from my Facebook music page)

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