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News On The Album Project

It has been more or less 5 months since I’ve announced that I’m working on a new album and I would like to tell you guys that I have progressed a bit.
Some of you have contacted me on my Facebook page to tell me that you’re happy that I am back in the game, and I thank you for this. It’s funny how some fans* are still sticking around after so many years. As of now I have 1912 followers, but it is always the same 20-30 people that are liking and being interactive on my page. Most are friends and family, but some are from quite far away. They are people that I have never seen in person.
So, to everyone sticking around: Thank you so much and thank you for believing in me.

I will keep you updated as soon as there are news regarding the album.



*A better description would have been: Individuals who are, in a way, fond of my work or like my personality. But I thought that it wouldn’t be as smooth to read.

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