Minolta Vivitar 85-205 3.8 on an A7R II - lens cap off

Minolta Vivitar 85-205 3.8 on an A7R II

We visited Antwerp in Belgium and walked by a photography store. I saw some used lenses and one especially caught my eye. A Minolta Vivitar 85-205 3.8 macro lens. I was a little confused about the price. The tag said 5 EUR. I went a little closer and it still said 5 EUR. Hmmm. I saw a guy taking
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level difference a7 vs a7r ii

A7(R) vs A7R II Level Difference

After having tested the A7R II extensively it felt like the integrated level got a little better than on previous A7 iterations. But is it really? Let’s find out in a more “scientific” way: FUNCTION Nothing ground breaking has changed about the function. In Sony’ first models you had to dig a little deeper to see
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