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Soundcloud Is Here To Stay

I have just joined SoundCloud (again) and it seems like they are in big financial trouble. They let go 40% of their staff, and rumours are claiming that they only have 50 days left to “live”. But they will apparently go nowhere and are here to stay, says Alex, co-founder of Soundcloud:   Have
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Sony A77 II Quick Review – The AF Is Indeed Performing Very Well

I was looking for a perfect wildlife setup but didn’t quite find something really portable that was of “superior” quality. The A6000 could have been almost perfect: 1. if the 55-210mm was of the above mentioned quality (it isn’t performing as well as, let’s say, a SAL70300G) 2. if the LA-EA4 would have let the camera
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1 Week in Ostend – What’s Possible with the Sony A7 and the Kit Lens?

Oostende, as it’s called in Belgium, is a pretty common destination for us Luxembourgers. They have the closest beaches along their coast, which are within a decent 4 hours drive’s reach. It has turned into such a common ritual for many of us who visit it frequently., that we’ve forgotten (or can’t see anymore) how
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