Awesome RAW vs JPG Diagram

The Awesome RAW vs JPG Diagram – The When, What, Why Of RAW And JPG Shooting

After having found out with a shock, after countless discussions with professional photographers, that even they had no clue what shooting RAW really means, I thought I should write an article about it. While writing my article I’ve coincidentally seen many RAW/JPEG posts pop up on some social media platforms, as if the universe was up to
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Which Camera Should I get? Mirrorless VS DSLR (SLT) – Full Frame VS APS-C – Everything Else VS Your Budget

I want to make this guide as complete as possible. If I did a mistake or forgot something (or if you have any other suggestion) then please leave a comment below and I will include it! Before starting this post, and as I explain on the bottom of the article, try as good as you
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Sony A77 II Quick Review – The AF Is Indeed Performing Very Well

I was looking for a perfect wildlife setup but didn’t quite find something really portable that was of “superior” quality. The A6000 could have been almost perfect: 1. if the 55-210mm was of the above mentioned quality (it isn’t performing as well as, let’s say, a SAL70300G) 2. if the LA-EA4 would have let the camera
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