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Travel Journal – 001 – Portugal – Ponte de Lima and Surroundings

Welcome to my first travel journal entry fellow readers! It will be mostly about the pictures and not too much about reading millions of words about what I have learned there. Just easily digestible articles about some essential info. I’ll be trying to find the perfect balance between a perfectly scrollable picture story where you
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Yannick Ciancanelli - Les Lacs de Remerschen - Haff Réimech - Réserve Naturelle - Natural Reserve

Haff Réimech – The Natural Reserve (Les Lacs de Remerschen)

This is where wildlife photographers lay low and are quiet, camouflaged, waiting for their prey to make the right move. This is where families take wonderful excursions discovering wonderful and peaceful places. This is where some of us go alone, to walk, think and relax. This is right here and it is awesome. If you haven’t been there
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