SteadyShot - IBIS - 5 axis - In Body Image Stabilization on the Sony A7R II

A7R II Review – 04 – SteadyShot or IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization)

One of the big feats of the new A7 line of cameras is SteadyShot. SteadyShot keeps your sensor stable while you take your picture with a shaky hand. It can be useful for video but also for stills, as you can (for subjects that do not move) shoot at very slow shutter speeds. This can prove useful
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a7 mark two menu button - © Yannick Ciancanelli

A7R II Review – 03 – Menu

Sony’s high end cameras all have a menu, which I find very good, clear and simple to use. These menus are not to be mixed up with the lower end cameras, which have other menus that many don’t find very practical. Here’s what you should know about the following settings: Tab 1, Menu 1 Quality
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a7r m2 grip handling - Yannick Ciancanelli

A7R II Review – 02 – Build And Handling

The A7R II definitely feels like a high-end camera. It is robust and sturdy. Nothing is rattling (except the good old strap holders, of course). The larger grip and the lightly heavier weight causes the overall feeling and handling to be more balanced than with previous A7/R iterations. It can especially make use of that
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Sony A7R II Extensive Real World Review

A7R II Review – 01 – Introduction and Unboxing

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I finally got it. Sadly with a 10 days delay, but I am now finally a proud and lucky owner of the best camera in the world. I had already written an introduction where I found myself justifying the fact that I called it the best camera in the world. Something
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