Awesome RAW vs JPG Diagram

The Awesome RAW vs JPG Diagram – The When, What, Why Of RAW And JPG Shooting

After having found out with a shock, after countless discussions with professional photographers, that even they had no clue what shooting RAW really means, I thought I should write an article about it. While writing my article I’ve coincidentally seen many RAW/JPEG posts pop up on some social media platforms, as if the universe was up to
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Mitakon 50mm 0.95 VS Zeiss 55mm 1.8 – on a Sony A7

If you’re in for a 50mm lens for your full frame E-mount then there’s not many (adapter-less) choices you can make. At the moment it’s either the manual focus 50mm Mitakon or the autofocus 55mm Zeiss you can grab, which is…just sayin’…the best auto focus lens ever, says DxOmark. So, how do they compare?  
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