A7R II DXO mark test ranks up high - 98 points

A7R II DxOMark Score Is 98 – Better Than The Nikon D810 (By 1;)

Finally the french company DxO shared their test results regarding the much hyped A7R II. This scientific test goes along well with what many reviewers have reported. It got a whopping 98 just ahead of the Nikon D810 and beats all the full frame cameras on the market in terms of overall sensor capabilities. Even
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Mitakon 50mm 0.95 VS Zeiss 55mm 1.8 – on a Sony A7

If you’re in for a 50mm lens for your full frame E-mount then there’s not many (adapter-less) choices you can make. At the moment it’s either the manual focus 50mm Mitakon or the autofocus 55mm Zeiss you can grab, which is…just sayin’…the best auto focus lens ever, says DxOmark. So, how do they compare?  
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