Sony A7R II Extensive Real World Review

A7R II Review – 01 – Introduction and Unboxing

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I finally got it. Sadly with a 10 days delay, but I am now finally a proud and lucky owner of the best camera in the world. I had already written an introduction where I found myself justifying the fact that I called it the best camera in the world. Something
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Yannick Ciancanelli - Published in Diffmag

Made The Front Cover Of Diffmag

The municipality of Differdange in Luxembourg held a photo contest a few months ago. The goal was to post a picture in portrait DIN A4 format around the “fall” (autumn) theme. I had only one picture that met both factors (except if I would have cropped one of course), so I sent it in on
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Yannick Ciancanelli - Les Lacs de Remerschen - Haff Réimech - Réserve Naturelle - Natural Reserve

Haff Réimech – The Natural Reserve (Les Lacs de Remerschen)

This is where wildlife photographers lay low and are quiet, camouflaged, waiting for their prey to make the right move. This is where families take wonderful excursions discovering wonderful and peaceful places. This is where some of us go alone, to walk, think and relax. This is right here and it is awesome. If you haven’t been there
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Yenn – Forever Dawn Is Out Now

Imagine a summer night’s party reaching dawn, but actually never ending. The first sun rays touching your skin while you’re dancing to your favorite tune (which should be this one, of course). The official *not to miss* e-Lake festival anthem is out now and marks day 100 of the countdown to the actual festival. Count down
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Yenn & Jay Jacob – Let Go Of The Past – Official e-Lake Anthem 2014 – Open Source Music

NOT A BIG FAN OF READING? DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST! It’s been a while since I’ve produced a track and here I am, back with something pretty exciting!I have produced this year’s official e-Lake anthem and Jay Jacob was kind (and awesome) enough to write and sing the lyrics on it. I’d
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Meeting Tony and Chelsea In Luxembourg

I was very lucky to meet Tony and Chelsea Northrup in Luxembourg last Saturday. They were on a 2 week trip in Europe to visit several cities like Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. Their final destination was….badaboom-tshing. Luxembourg City! I was very nervous to meet them because: – English is not my first language and I never
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1 Week in Ostend – What’s Possible with the Sony A7 and the Kit Lens?

Oostende, as it’s called in Belgium, is a pretty common destination for us Luxembourgers. They have the closest beaches along their coast, which are within a decent 4 hours drive’s reach. It has turned into such a common ritual for many of us who visit it frequently., that we’ve forgotten (or can’t see anymore) how
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